Sunday, October 24, 2010

Last note!

Elections are today and this has been a great campaigning season. I just want to thank you all for the great conversations, the great opportunity to discuss my platforms and my concerns for the ward.

I am at the end of the day of a defender and vocal spirit in the ward. Ward 30 is my home just like yours and I only want to continue to see it's growth and prosper into a liveable, growing safe community that it can be.

I think that City Hall needs an overhaul, the budget doesn't really make sense and we need to make sure that the property taxes we do pay go to items that make sense and not contracts that are only for certain interest groups or agendas that work for certain political parties. I am not affiliated in any sense to any party as we are first citizens of our ward and political parties have no place in running our neighbourhoods.

Transit needs to make sense for us all, TTC is almost shameful, no proper future growth and expansion has been put into place, millions spent on making old stations beautiful while growth seems so far away. Some want to take street cars away, which for our ward is the only way to get around as buses are almost non-existent 30 minute intervals to move our ward citizens around is not acceptable, Jones, Greenwood and Pape buses could be better utilised.

Our beautiful Portlands... I am a fan of Cherry Beach, and I think it's the hidden jewel of the city. That Gardiner extension was removed so long ago, and no effort has been made to make the Portlands the best gr,een space Toronto could have, instead David Miller touted his beautiful Sugar Beach while our Cherry got looked over once again. Time for someone to defend the beach, it deserves more attention than it gets.

We have some GREAT neighbourhoods, with diverse community and we are steps from the downtown core, but Toronto Council has deemed us the big dumping ground that no one cares about, from the concrete pads, the Streetcar depot to where the TDSB sees the ease at closing schools and pools. These are unacceptable as we are a growing ward with young families whose kids will soon enough to be entering the schools they are shutting so rapidly.

Crime is growing in the ward, from Mom and Pop convenience stores being held up, to shootings on the Danforth, to drug deals infront of citizens on Queen St. grow ops on our small neighbourhood streets, we need someone who is willing to mediate the police to make sure there is a presence without a scare tactic, that foot patrol and bike police is higher, that mothers feel safe in parks, that dog walkers feel ease at all hours of the day and that we can be the best ward in the City, we have that great potential, I believe this to be true, because I live here.

So when you decide, for those of you who might still be on the fence, think about voting for someone who gets it, who lives it and really wants the changes they describe. I was here before I put up my candidacy for the ward, and truth be told I will be here afterwards as well.

Tell your neighbours, your friends, your loved ones and even your enemies to make sure they go out and vote, because this is OUR ward, this is OUR future and we need to take responsibility for making it the best place ever!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Where do your tax dollars go?

There are plenty of people, newspapers and political groups that will gripe that you don't have a high property tax living in Toronto, that in comparison your taxes are lower than those in the GTA--- while this statement is fact, this does not describe the reality of where your buck goes!

What you are hearing from everyday citizens is the reality of what Toronto voters are facing and wondering... we pay our taxes and we are happy to do so, we like to have essential services such as policing, fire departments and paramedics--- but we don't want to be taken advantage of. We don't want our taxes to go up in our ward when they go down in others... we don't want to pay so that other wards get different services that we too would enjoy.

Pennies are pennies... and they don't reflect the bones of the budget problems, please Toronto parking meters don't even take pennies in Toronto anymore. The honest truth is there is wasteful spending, and governments spend frivolously because at years end if there is money left you need to make sure you waste it to guarantee you get the equivalent amount the next, so offices and departments wasting frivolously to have those guarantees that are unfair to the tax payer.

Tax payers are normal home owning, car owing citizens of Toronto who want to have money at the end of the day but will continued to feel syphoned if no change is brought forth. If a regular family in the city gets extra money from their income tax, they will pay off essentials, they will make sure debt is not an option, not trying to reason with them self to waste as much as possible in hopes that more money will flow through next month. These are the gravy trains we all hear about.

Let's make sure our tax dollar goes to the best place.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Let's talk Parking!

Ward 30 has issues, but what bothers most and you constantly will hear about as you hit every door is ... PARKING!

Parking is such a hot debate issue from concerns of over crowded streets filled in the evenings in Leslieville, from the movies being filmed nearby to the new construction taking up parking spaces to the pouncing parking authority within seconds of arriving onto the street.

Parking issues are not all equal depending on the neighbourhood you live in, for all of us parking permit holders I really do believe that being entitled to park on our streets should be our priority. I believe that limitations in permits be made on the amounts of households that exist in the ward.

Parking Authority is a very integral part of the city's funding for roads, and road infrastructure. While I feel that: depending on the street in the ward there are few in which the Parking enforcement are more active than the Danforth.

There are laws in place for new builders of homes and condos that require parking spaces for each new dwelling, yet large scale builders who are building townhouses, condos or apartments are using those car spaces as premium space, charging dwellers monstrous amounts to buy or rent them, and people are choosing to forgo them for parking on streets that are already condensed with above parking issues.

Do we continue to allow business to skirt around their mandated policies they are to follow, I don't think so, and as a city council member these are issues I plan to make sure don't continue to happen in Ward 30 or anywhere else in the city.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Let's talk reality!

Where do I stand on issues?

There are many many issues that City Hall has to deal with... the reality is that all issues matter to me, from wasteful spending to the youth that work parks and recs in the summer. From large money syphons like Housing, Garbage and TTC, to small matters such as arts funding and parking authority.

I have been berated many times by the fact that I did not attend the TTC meeting here in the ward in Leslieville. I understand why many are concerned about this matter, TTC is a huge problem for the City because for so many years it has been poorly managed by the Chair Adam Giambrone, who wasn't equipped to take care of such a large entity on his own.

But if you have been watching the news or listen to the radio recently you will see that the Harmonizing by-law meeting I attended was far more important then any TTC meeting that will continue to happen. A small board of people with the help of councilors such as Paula Fletcher discussing what and how you can use your OWN properties! I don't think people understand the scope of these zoning by-laws until they come into full effect. Cars that might be able to fit in a car pad not being permitted to if Parking Authority thinks the space should only be for 1 car. That if you own a place of business and the building it resides on, want to renovate it or make any changes to it, you are responsible of making sure it becomes a 3 story minimum building to increase livable and working spaces in Toronto. But what these are telling people, is that your right to own comes with limitations, rules on the style and look, use and appearance is under the watch of City Hall and they can warrant to tell you what to do with it as they wish.

Everyday from today forward expect a post on matters that affect us all in Ward 30 as well as a City as a whole. Please leave a message if there is a certain topic you would like me to touch on.... I would like to get to know all your concerns within the next 18 days! Want you all to understand the reason why I ran, why I think I am your best candidate and why you need to Vote Angie Tingas on October 25th, 2010.

Angie Tingas

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Asking others for money is something slightly foreign to me... but it appears in politics it goes hand in hand. And legally for purposes of transparency it's mandated legally that funds need to have a source.

And with that note fundraising is completely a great source of funding one's campaign. It's a friendly event, where you meet and mingle with the candidate and others who have the candidates best interest at heart. Nothing to outputting, a comfortable situation where various people who fit the mold of the various people who live in the ward can all be together in one place.

We would greatly appreciate if you would come and help us by donating to make the transition for me into City Hall, yes I am confidante... we would really like to see you!

On Tuesday September 14th, 2010
at 7pm til closing
@ Local Co. at 511 Danforth Avenue
We will be hosting a wonderful little Mingle and Drink event to raise funds for signs and advertising costs for the campaign.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Intruiging Question!

Today I was asked by a lovely constituent in my ward about my ideas and policies... but then he asked me a question that brought me some great pause!

Q: It's great what you want to do, but how do you plan on actually passing some of your suggested ideas?

Well I answered to my best ability while standing in front of the lovely Mike who also came over to borrow our ladder it hasn't stopped the wheels turning inside my head about what I think is the proper way to answer this question.

I cannot make changes on my own at City Hall when I become elected, but I can sure try. Nothing gets passed without votes, nothings gets done without some kind of majority. But I will not vote on items that are not good for our citizens of Toronto, especially those who live in my ward. I am not part of a Political party and I won't be voting to pass a political agenda... I plan to vote on things that are fair. Fair for the people.

We all need to take responsibilities for the outcome of what has happened to our city, what we have allowed or not allowed to happen in city hall. We aren't vocal enough in our own lives to complain to our councilors, our mayor or just in general our neighbours about what concerns us as a city. I may not always know what is best for the voters, but I am sure willing to LISTEN, because we need someone who listens to what we NEED.

So when I bring forth changes I think are needed in our city, maybe I won't have a lot of clout and political power behind me but I sure will have the interest of the citizens of Toronto, the best interest in a FAIR Toronto. So you will know that with every single vote I will take, it will be something I will think about, I will question myself and others around me in the fairness of not letting the buck pass on important issues and making sure my opinions, the opinions of my constituents are being heard LOUD and CLEAR!